Monday, December 22, 2008

the time for Not Me! Monday

Here are a few of the things I did not do this week:

  • I did not plan my 2 year old's birthday party the morning after I was on-call @ work from 7p-7a, not have anything ready ahead of time, then get called into work & by the skin of my teeth they found someone to work so I could go home and actually get everything ready for her party & get a good night sleep because that would be absolutely absurd!
  • I most certainly do not enjoy watching Rock of Love Charm School & record it on my DVR because it is full of a bunch of non-wholesome women with no morals or values & every other word is bleeped out!
  • I really did not wait until last Saturday night to finish my Christmas shopping & still not have anything wrapped or ready with Christmas only 3 days away!
  • I definitely do not refuse to take my 4 kids into the store for short trips like picking up prescriptions so I leave them in the van, lock them in, & run in really quick praying that nothing bad will happen to them or they will kill each other while I'm in there!
  • I really, really did not never get around to sending out any Christmas cards this year because I'm so darn busy & maybe a little bit lazy!

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