Friday, December 12, 2008

the early morning

I guess we did have a few snow flurries, but I think they were after dark & I missed them! Boohoo!

I went to my mandatory meeting yesterday @ work, but before the meeting they were having a Christmas party where I won a really nice wreath, so I guess it was worth it to go to my meeting dragging miss Sophie along all the way. I guess she could have acted alot worse - when I picked her up she yelled "let me go mommy", then she grabbed an apple off the tray, sucked the juice out of it, put it back, & grabbed another one, & she was a little loud during the meeting, but at least I won a wreath!

PhotobucketAfter the meeting we trekked to the mall in her tiny jacket to buy a bigger jacket so CPS won't take her away from me - haha! We went to The Children's Place where she got this great reversible coat that was $39.50 on clearance for $14.99 woohoo!

Last night I went to CVS for some great deals!
-Huggies diapers jumbo pack - buy 3 /reg. 12.49 on sale for $10/buy $25 of featured Huggies get $5 ECB/-$1.50 coupon mailed from Huggies x3 = $6.83 each
-Powerade 32 oz reg. 1.69 on sale for $1.59 / $1.59 ECB = FREE (limit 1)
-Buy $15 of featured Gain, Tide, or Duracell get $5 ECB -- Tide laundry detergent 100 oz reg. 14.99 on sale for $12/-$1 coupon = $11 + Duracell AA batteries 4 ct reg. 5.29 on sale for $3 /-$.75 coupon = $2.25 for total of $13.25-$5=$8.25 for both


Jennifer said...

LOVE your blog design

Christie said...

I don't think we got any flurries here. Not Fair!

I swear you are the money saving guru! I need to take lessons from you.