Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the cold winter's day

Snow flurries in the forecast for Whitehouse, TX! Where are they, I have yet to see a flurry. It's probably for the best because many people here think chance of snow flurries = blizzard, freak out, & stock up on groceries to last til the new year!

We started charting on the computer last night @ work instead of paper charting - I just started working there 3 months ago & was just getting used to the paper charting - go figure. Luckily it's similar to the charting @ my old job, so maybe won't be so bad. Then I see a sign in the break room "Mandatory staff meeting tomorrow @ 8:30am". So what happens to me if I don't go - will I be fired, will I be forced to read about it on paper? Are the consequences worse than bringing my almost 2 year old to the meeting for who knows how long? I have a very important decision to make before tomorrow morning. HAHA! I'll probably just go to the meeting until my child is so bad they will ASK or BEG me to leave, maybe even offer to let me leave & stay on the clock & continue to get paid!

The other day I had on my wonderful polka-dot flannel pajama pants. Sophie came up & pointed at them & said "polka dots". I respond excitedly "Yes, polka dots, good job!" - I mean every girl's gotta know about polka dots, it's essential! Then she says "I smell them" & she starts sniffing my pants. Where in the world do you think she picked that up? So I asked how they smell? "Smell good mommy!" Well, that's a relief!

I am gonna get my Christmas decorations up this week even if it means I have to throw out my back lugging in all the storage containers from the storage room myself! Maybe that will be a good excuse to miss my mandatory staff meeting!

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