Monday, December 8, 2008

the another Not Me! Monday

  • I did not laugh hysterically at my almost 2-yr-old daughter when she yelled at the TV "stupid dummy TV" because commercials were on instead of her beloved "Wow! Wow Wubbzy!" before telling her that was not a very nice thing to say

  • I really do not still not have my Christmas decorations put up & it's definitely not partly because hubby won't bring the storage containers inside from the storage room

  • I definitely do not have over 4000 unread messages in my email inbox & have never ever had that many unread email messages & it's not because I subscribe t0 every newsletter known to man

  • I certainly did not procrastinate taking my son to get his hair cut that hubby had to finally cut it himself (he actually did a pretty good job though)

  • I really really really did not still have Halloween cookies in my freezer that I baked for the kids Saturday night

Now let me tell you some things I really did do this week:

  • I learned how to french braid on the internet
  • Photobucket
    this is how I did Kalli's hair for school this morning
  • I had a laundry folding party with the kids & didn't freak out that they didn't fold everything just perfect

  • I worked 6 out of 7 nights 12-hour shifts (actually overlapped some into last week)

  • I changed my blog template to Christmas theme - so even though my house is not decorated for the holidays, my blog is!


Christie said...

Yay for the laundry folding party! It's hard to let someone else fold things when you have a certain way of doing. Believe me, I know! Craig refuses to fold towels now!

Anna said...

cute cute blog header/layout! great french braiding too! that takes talent, patience, and a child who will sit still long enough for you to do it :)

Julie said...

I'm with you...Christmasy blog, not house. Waiting on my hubby too. Maybe we'll get it decorated before Christmas...

Keyona said...

Oh dear that is a lot of emails!! :o)

Following Him said...

I certainly do not have my house unorganized since its finals week. I also did not find you through MckMama!!!

Kimber said...

Love your Christmas theme. I also have NOT procrastinated getting my sons hair cut. AND he has a Christmas program tomorrow night.
Wonder if I can squeeze him in right after school. Probably NOT.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Cute!! I love these!! Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the braid! It's hard to master for some so congrats! Have a great rest of the week!