Monday, December 1, 2008

the coupon organizer

It took some trial & error to finally find the coupon organization that works for me. I tried:
  • accordion file
  • premade coupon organizers
  • small picture album
  • keeping the inserts together & filing by date

These did not work out well for me, but I finally found the best way for me. I got a 2-inch binder with sheet protectors & 2-pocket photo holders, & dividers.

In the front section I have sheet protectors for store ads & booklets divided by store. This way I can also put coupons, receipts, etc. from that store there too.

In the middle section is where I have all my coupons sorted by category. I have dividers with the main category, then the photo holders with the sub-categories. The categories & sub-categories I use (which I do tweak from time to time):

Health Aids
-vitamins/other meds
-health products (includes bandaids, diet foods)

Beauty Aids
-hair products
-teeth products
-shaving needs
-eye care
-feminine needs

Paper Goods
-paper products (includes tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates)

Cleaning Supplies
-candles/air fresheners
-other cleaners/supplies

Canned Goods
-other canned

-pasta/boxed meals

Frozen Foods/Meats
-meat (includes frozen or refrigerated meats)

-cereal/cereal bars

Snack Foods

Dairy Aisle
-dairy products/eggs
-biscuits/refrigerated cookies


Baking Goods
-staples (includes spices, sugar, cooking oil)

Baby Items
-other baby (includes diaper rash ointment, baby wash/lotion, baby foods, formula)


Clothing/Miscellaneous (includes batteries, film)


The last 3 categories I have in sheet protectors. I also have a pencil pouch that I keep scissors, pen, highlighter, & sharpie. I try to take my binder with me to every store for those impulse buys. I try to keep my coupons with the earliest expiration dates @ the front so I can see what I need to use & makes it easier to throw them out once they've expired.

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Amanda said...

Wow, you are oh-so-much more organized than I am! Good job!