Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the Christmas tree

PhotobucketLast night we went to cut down our Christmas tree at Plantation Pines. It was FREEZING - literally it was 32 degrees, when it was like 70 degrees the day before, so of course we wait to go when it's freezing outside! This really was the only day we could go that I wasn't working or we had other plans, so we bundled the kids up & went. It was so cold, I don't think the kids enjoyed it too much, they ran off pretty quick to check out the play equipment on the farm. I think the part they enjoyed the most was going inside & eating a snack! Sorry the pictures are blurry, I was shivering & hurrying!

Theo cutting down the tree (before)

Here's the decorated Christmas tree (after):


Liz said...

Good job, mama! The tree is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

you gonna sell that dress over there on sweet sophie???