Monday, January 12, 2009

the time for another Not Me! Monday!

Let me try to remember some things I didn't do this week:

  • I did not absolutely insist that I didn't want to get put on stand-by @ work (that means I have to stay home but can get called in if they need me), then when they told me I had to be put on stand-by actually get excited about it, only to get absolutely crushed when they called me back an hour later to tell me I had to go ahead & come in!
  • I certainly did not sulk & whine at work because they told me I had to go ahead & come in & it was my 4th 12-hr night shift in a row & had a really crazy busy patient load acting like I was the only nurse EVER that this has happened to only to have many of the wonderful people I work with jump in & help me so I wouldn't have a panic attack or a nervous breakdown! I would not ever do these things because I am normally such a calm, cool, & collected person!
  • I definitely have not spoiled my 2-year old to the point of her not letting any other children or even adults sit by me or talk to me without yelling out "That's my mommy!"
  • I really did not just yesterday finally get my Christmas tree out of my house still having other Christmas decorations up when it's almost the middle of January!
  • I really, really did not sleep almost 24 hours straight after the above mentioned horrible night at work & was STILL TIRED so had to take a long afternoon nap!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you clearly deserved a 24 hour sleep period! Sleep on, little mama!

Anna said...

our christmas tree is not still sitting on our deck or anything. i'm so sorry about the (whispering) lice. i hope they are all gone and you dont have to go through any of that again! i've always heard it has nothing to do w/ no feeling bad about that! i just hope youre rid of them!