Sunday, January 18, 2009

the fun Saturday night

Hubby & I went out on the town tonight, did some shopping, some eating, some more shopping! The kiddos were having a sleepover @ Nana & Pawpaw's. I know I definitely had more fun than he did!

First we went to Target. We browsed the clearance racks & endcaps and found a few good deals. They had alot of 75% off, but most of the stuff we found was 30% or 50% off. I was very proud of my Christmas panties for 75% off that I can wear year-round & no one will know - teehee!

Next we went to the Children's Place. I had a $10 coupon from my Place Perks, 15% off my entire purchase coupon, shopped the monster sale 30% off already reduced merchandise & save a bunch! They are having a $1000 sweepstakes here, you can enter once daily & you can join the birthday club where they will send you coupons on your birthday & your children's' birthday.

Then we had dinner @ On the Border where we threw caution to the wind & saved absolutely no money, I even got a grande margarita! & they didn't even card me, I guess I look so old now with my gray hairs!

Last we went to CVS where they have their bonus deals such as double packs of Cheerios, Cheez-its, Mrs. Fields cookies, etc. with some coupons & extra care bucks so we saved bunches!

Want a free sample of Quaker True Delights? Go here. Enjoy!

Just to throw in a funny about Miss Sophie - a car was coming towards our road, but turned before it got to our house. Sophie said "That was close - whew!" rubbing her had across her forehead! What a cutie-patootie!

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