Monday, January 12, 2009

the dr. appointment

Miss Sophie had her 2-year check-up with Dr. M last Tuesday. We had a long wait in the waiting room in which I had to deal with the antics of my very spoiled daughter. She told children that were trying to play in the vicinity of her that this was her toy or to "Go away!" If any children or adults tried to sit by me or talk to me she would yell out "That's my mommy!" I of course got onto her many times using her full name "Sophia Noelle", but have wondered how I have let her become so bad! I, along with the other members of my family, have created a monster! I do keep telling myself we have also created a little girl who is so darn cute & smart!

She weighed 26 lbs which in in the 50th percentile, I can't remember her height but it was in the 75th percentile. I am actually relieved that she is in the 50th percentile because she eats like a bird! She only had to get 1 shot, the Hepatitis A vaccine.

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Christie said...

Glad to hear her doctor's appt went well. She's getting so big.

She's still cute, no matter how stinkin' rotten she is.