Monday, January 5, 2009

the time again for Not Me! Monday

It's that time again to blog about all the things I did, I mean did not do this week:
  • I did not get really excited thinking about my older 3 kids going back to school today because they are driving me absolutely crazy!!
  • I definitely did not tell my co-workers I would call & see if they needed any help last night, & then when I woke up did not call partly because I was not feeling very well but partly because I just really didn't want to go to work!
  • I really did not contemplate leaving my Christmas decorations up for another week because I dread having to take it all down & try to make it all fit in the storage containers again!
  • I certainly did not unsubscribe to a email newsletter like I resolved to do this year only to subscribe to 3 more in it's place!

What things did you not do this week?


Sarah said...

The first day back to school is so nice!

Anonymous said...

After the long break, you deserve a break.