Thursday, November 27, 2008

the Thanksgiving thankful list

I am thankful for:

  • not having to work on Thanksgiving this year

  • food to eat

  • overflowing closets

  • a roof over my head

  • 2 vehicles

  • 4 healthy & smart children

  • a laptop to write this blog

  • my job & my husband's job

  • health insurance

  • my husband who helps out alot with the kids

  • cheap gasoline

  • electricity & running water

  • wonderful friends to read this blog

  • television with DVR to help me keep up on my shows

  • cell phone with unlimited texting & long distance included

  • myspace & facebook to reunite & keep up with old friends

  • my extended family members who are always there for me

  • living in a wonderful neighborhood & wonderful people that let my kids run in & out of their house everyday

  • loving God to praise & His Word to read

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