Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the first Not Me! Monday

OK so I know it's not Monday, but I just found this, it's a Wednesday, & I'm ready to start now!

  • I did not tell my children that they could have whatever they wanted for snack if they would just leave me alone so I could take a nap before work!
  • I did not drink 4-8 diet cherry cokes per day!
  • I did not ask my children to sign me up for something easy on the Thanksgiving feast list so I would not have to make anything, so we could only bring paper plates (I did get cute Thanksgiving plates), dill pickles, & nuts!
  • I did not let the answering machine screen my calls for me because I was tired & didn't feel like talking to anybody right then.
  • I did not feed my 2-year old a cold hot dog weenie for lunch even though she loves them & runs around the house screaming "weenie" until you get her one!

This is a kind of short one since I'm kind of new @ this. Really made me think though - hmm!

1 comment:

-stephanie- said...

yay, great job at your first Not Me. I look forward to more.