Friday, November 21, 2008

the bragger

I have to brag. My sweet Zoe's teacher Mrs. Alexander called us to tell us what a great job she's doing in school, getting her homework done, & helping out in class. She said she thinks we did a good job raising her!

That's so nice to hear! I worry everyday that I'm not doing a good job & I'm gonna end up with one of those kids that drop out of school, get pregnant, do drugs, among other things. This just made me feel like maybe I'm on the right track.

Sophie didn't wanna give me kisses & hugs before I left for work yesterday. I was kinda sad so I said "Why?" to which she replied "cuz". What kind of reply is that for a 22-month old to make? I'm sure she learned it from her big siblings!

Deals of the week @ Walgreen's

  • Chex Mix 8.7 oz / original 3.19 / sale .99 / coupon -.50 = .49
  • Almay One Coat Mascara .4 oz / original 6.99 / coupon -1.00 / rebate -6.99 = -1.00

That's it for now! Later peeps!

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aggie_christie said...

Zoe is a very sweet child. Y'all have done a great job with them all.

I worry about all those things too and hayden's only 18months. We just have to have faith that they will make the right choices.

I know how you feel. Daddy hung the moon and stars. Mommy's chop liver when he's around. I guess we all go through that. She's still a keeper though :) Have a great weekend.