Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I honestly don't know where she gets this stuff (ok maybe the last 1 I do)! Here are a few of the super-cute things that have some out of my 2-year old's mouth recently:

  • She has named her hands! 1 hand is "Mip" (I think it is the right hand) & 1 hand is "Mamy" (pronounced like the name Amy). I have no idea where she came up with these names! If you ask what someone else's hands names are, she says the same thing.

  • She has a cute little stuffed puppy that I got her on clearance after Valentine's Day that she has named "Elbow". I thought maybe she was saying Elmo, but she has made it perfectly cleat that it is indeed Elbow!

  • Now I think she probably learned this last phrase from the kids, but it just sounds so funny coming from a 2-year old. If someone tries to make her do something when she wants to do something else, she says for example "I'm trying to get in the van, gosh, you idiot!" She sounds just like a little teenager when she says it! I do get on to her for the name-calling after I've had a little chuckle!

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