Friday, April 3, 2009

Zoe's Birthday / Mom's Day Out

Just to start, I am such a dingbat that I forgot to bring the camera to take pictures of Zoe's party & then tried to take pictures at home when we had cake, but the battery dies. Therefore I only have this 1 little pic to remember Zoe's 10th birthday! We had her party the Friday before her birthday. She wanted to invite a few friends to go out to eat & see a movie. Two girls from her class came & a neighbor. She got to pick the restaurant & she chose Applebee's. Since she's 10 years old, she did allow Theo, her sisters, & I to come along, but we sat at different tables. (Tad didn't want to come, so he stayed with the neigbors) While we are sitting waiting for a table, one of the girls started to talk about how she sneaks drinks from her uncle's beer & once she even drank the whole thing! Are you freaking kidding me!! She then added that it tasted gross - thanks for adding that, maybe now the girls won't ask us to buy them beer with their dinner. I then added that we don't drink until we're 21 & maybe we shouldn't be talking about this! So Theo got to have a talk with Zoe later that night about drinking. I didn't think we would have to be talking about this kind of thing at age 10!

We told the girls that they could order from the adult menu if they wanted to. One girl got so excited & decided to order steak! When asked by the waiter if she wanted a 7 or 9 ounce, she said 9! I was a little upset because I figured there was no way she could eat it all & it would go to waste. Boy was I surprised when she cleaned her plate of that steak & a baked potato! Zoe got 2 little burgers off the kids menu & I don't think she finished 1. I'm not used to kids eating this much! Theo even only got the 7 ounce! The Applebee's waitstaff came & sang happy birthday to her & gave her a little dessert. She also opened her presents there. Lots of fun so far & we're not even halfway through!

We then headed to the movies to see Race to Witch Mountain. We told the girls we would get them a popcorn & drink for them to share since we had just eaten dinner. One of the girls wanted cotton candy & had brought her own money & she was going to buy 1 for another girl too, so I said whatever! When we got to the register to order, she had lost her money. It wasn't a big deal for us to pay for it, but these girls were just getting me a little flustered now! We let the girls sit by themselves in the row in front of us. Now it was Sophie getting me flustered! She doesn't understand how to whisper, so when she had something to say she said it very loudly. "That's a big movie, mom!", "That's green!", "I want to sit in your lap, dad!", "I need a popcorn!"! I could feel the other people in the theaters glaring at me! I ended up taking her out for breaks so she could get some energy out & I could try to remain sane & calm! Anyway, the movie was good (the part I saw of it) & Zoe had a blast!!

Yesterday I dropped Sophie off at Mother's Day Out (which I usually only do when I need to sleep for work) & actually had a mother's day out! First I had my eyebrows waxed & pedicure. This was only my second one ever (the first one was given to me for my birthday a couple of years ago from some girls at work) because I always feel like there are so many other things I should use that money for, but it was really nice! Then I did some shopping at Goodwill (I felt like I needed to do something frugal) & found several good things for the kids. After that I went to the eye doctor so I could get more contacts. For the big finale I went for my annual haircut! I got my hair highlighted to cover up my ever-multiplying gray hair & got it cut for the summer. Maybe I'll get brave enough to let Theo take a picture of it so I can post it! It was a very busy, but also very fun day!!

Prayers are still needed for my friend's son Braden (a few posts back), he is gearing up for a bone marrow transplant. His motto is F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on God)!!

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Liz said...

What a full post! Your adventurous Mother's Day Out sounds perfect to me! :)