Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday Tad was exploring at my mom's house when he stepped on something that went through his shoe & into his foot. We aren't sure if it was a nail or a piece of wire from a cage. My mom doctored it up & put a bandaid on it. Tad didn't even cry...until they told him he might have to get a tetanus shot! When they got home & told me what happened, I called around & found out he did indeed need a tetanus booster, so we headed to the DirectCare clinic.
When we finally got to go to a room & see the dr, he told us that 1 out of 4 times when the object pierces the shoe, it pushes rubber from the shoe or cloth from the sock into the foot that would increase the risk of infection! OMG ~ I never even thought of that. The dr was so good & told Tad everything he was going to do. He told him he was going to numb up his foot & that it would hurt, then told him he was going to have to dig in the wound a little to make sure there was nothing in it. Tad got a little tear in his eye when the dr was explaining it, but when he actually numbed it up he just grimace a little - he was so brave. When the dr was through he showed a tiny black speck that was probably a piece of rubber from his shoe! Tad also had to have an x-ray to make sure there was no metal in his foot. The x-rays showed that there wasn't ~ hooray! While we were waiting in the room , I showed Tad the smiley-face pain scale from 0-5. He said when the dr numbed his foot it was a 3, & now it was about a 2 so he'd probably like some pain medicine when we got home. They gave him his tetanus shot which he also took like a champ, then we headed home. He just has to do warm soaks with soap & water to keep it clean & help with healing. Luckily everything looks good so far!

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Christie said...

Ouch is right! what a trooper he is. Glad that all is going to be ok.