Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Appreciation

I absolutely love the wonderful gifts the kiddos made me this mother's day. I just had to share some of the things they wrote to me!

Zoe wrote me like 6 stories, so I'll probably share them all with you later!

This is a song from Zoe:

The Mom Song

You are the best~
You beat the rest~
I love you the most~
You make some good toast~
You're a very good nurse~
I love your purse~
Hope you like this card~
Making it was hard~
P.S. It was so hard I hit myself in the head with a marker
~This sign means ba na na na as a guitar

This is a book from Kalli:
  • My favorite thing about mom is she gives my lots of hugs & kisses.
  • The best thing mom cooks is speggetti with meatballs because it is very tasty.
  • Why my mom loves me is I am very helpful and I give her hugs.
  • Something mom taught me is to say pleas and thank you.

Tad said he started a card for me, but he messed it up so he threw it away. He just wished me Happy Mother's Day! What a perfectionist!

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