Saturday, February 7, 2009

the first week of February

Well, work is sucking more & more every time I go. I guess the economy is affecting hospitals too so we have to do the jobs of 2-3 people while we are there! The worst, I mean absolute worst thing that happened at work this week was they say we have to use the revolving doors at the front of the hospital instead of the side door because it screws up the temperature in the lobby - whatever! I have a phobia of the revolving door, don't know if it has a name but I like to call it revolvadooraphobia! I've heard stories about people getting killed in these things & I'm not planning to be the next one! I am going to break the rules & use the side door & no one better try to stop me - HAHA!

Sophie has enough hair to put little pigtails on top! SO CUTE!! I wish I could have gotten a pic, but she pulled them out before I could!

Yesterday I had a parent/teacher conference with Kalli's teacher. She wants to refer her to the gifted/talent (GT) program at her school. Our older 2 have gotten similar referrals, but we have not put them in because we had not heard good things about the program for example they would have the kids do such outrageous projects that the parents would pretty much have to do the whole thing. Their teachers have still been good about encouraging them to read more advanced books, etc. She said they have changed the program where there are about 5 GT children in a class that are given more advanced work & then they go to a different class like 1 afternoon a week to do some more advanced study. Sounds good, so she is putting in the referral & we will have to fill out more paperwork later. I'm not trying to be braggy, I am just so proud of her!

Afterwards we met my friend London for lunch at Chick-fil-a. Her son Joshua is 2 & daughter Atalie is 4 months & weighs 17lbs - she is such a cute little butterball! Sophie doesn't play well with others since she thinks she is the princess of the whole Chick-fil-a, so she & Joshua didn't really play too much together, but I had fun seeing them anyway!

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