Monday, October 20, 2008

the October 2008 update

I have been employed at Trinity Mother Frances mother/baby for over a month now & I think I'm gonna like it! It's much busier than ETMC was but it's not as stressful. One thing that is different is the large amount of Spanish-speaking patients. I have one almost every night I work, where at ETMC I had one a year! Dolor - mucho o pequito? Que hora comida su bebe, cuantos minutos - ahhhhhhhhh! I think my brain is in overload! It's like a Dora the Explorer marathon for the rest of my life! The people I work with totally rock! But I do miss my ETMC buddies, but I'm still on there PRN - can't seem to cut the cord to the people that raised me!

The kids are liking school & are doing really good. I took Zoe, Tad, & Kalli to the Whitehouse Homecoming Game last Friday (which we won by the way - yeah!) & had a good time. They love playing with all their friends in the neighborhood.

Sophie is rotten as ever! When she is hungry she runs around screaming "weenie" until you finally give in & get the poor child a hot dog. When she wants juice she chunks her juice cup at my face if I'm not fast enough! But darn it she is so cute, so I guess I'll keep her. She goes to Mother's Day Out once or twice a week & is doing good there. She & I like to go on outings while the big kids are in school. We went to the park, zoo, Target, the mall, etc.
That's all for now!


Jennifer said...

Tag, you're it...see my blog!

Jennifer said...

WHAT???? You left ETMC??? So glad I'm done having babies...what would I do without you being my night nurse? Hope you're doing well.