Monday, October 27, 2008

the burial

Last Friday we finally put my dad's ashes in the ground. He was buried at the Dallas-Ft Worth National Cemetary in Dallas at 3:00.

The director first took us to a covered are for the service. My dad served in the US Army so there was a military honors ceremony with the folding of the flag & presented it to my step-mom, followed by the playing of Taps. I was tearful but when I looked over & saw my 6-yr old Kalli crying then I really cried. She was much more affected by it all than my older two who were bored. My step-mom then played a couple of special songs, their song (which I'm blanking on the name right now) & the song my dad always wanted played "Colour My World" by Chicago. At the front was a display of my dad's army photo - he was so handsome!, his Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt & a nice bouquet of fall flowers. It was a very nice ceremony.

We were then taken to the burial plot where my step-mom placed his box of ashes wrapped in his Cowboys sweatshirt & the bouquet placed on top once it was filled in. My great uncle who is a priest said a lovely prayer. His plaque will be ready in about 4-6 weeks.

There was a good turnout of my dad's family & friends, some of which I had not met before (or maybe I just don't remember) so it was good to meet them. My kids even actually acted pretty decent which I was worried about.

So, on to subjects of less depth.....................
My house is a sick house!! So far Sophie, Theo, & I have gotten a nasty stomach virus, so you know the other 3 will not be far behind!

I worked 60 hours last week & survived - except for my depleted immune system so I can pick up every bug that comes near me, so not only am I emotionally spent, but physically also. Oh & my house is messier than usual which is REALLY bad so I will be accepting no visitors this week! HAHA!

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Liz said...

Here's hoping that no one else gets sick!!!