Wednesday, December 1, 2010

playing catch-up

I have been very behind on my blogging lately! Why? I started graduate school & got a 2nd job.
Graduate school is really hard! I am taking Biometric Methods (statistics) & Nursing Theory.
My 2nd job, which is over for this semester, is adjunct clinical faculty @ UT-Tyler. This semester, I helped with a clinical group for Competencies, which is 1st semester nursing school students. We were on a neuro floor, so I was really out of my comfort zone of mother/baby nursing. I LOVED my students though, & got a refresher on some nursing skills that I haven't used since nursing school. We met every W ednesday. I still worked my regular full-time night job on mother/baby, so some Wednesdays I had to work 20 hour days! Next semester I get to help with Family Nursing, which is Labor & Delivery, NICU, post-partum, & pediatrics, so I should feel much more at home! & the schedule is a little more flexible with my work schedule (I hope!).

Now for some catch-up blogging....Kalli's birthday! Kalli turned 8 years old on August 19th. We had her party @ the Faulkner Sprayground. She had a blast & several of her friends came. Here's some pictures.....

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