Monday, August 30, 2010

Utah Vacation '10

We got up bright & early around 4am. We got everything loaded, said a prayer for a safe trip, & we were on the road by 5am. It was kinda nice because the kids & I just went to sleep for much of the morning. Sophie had several tummy troubles, but we kept her loaded up on dramamine. We decided to try a different route this trip, so today we drove west across Texas through Amarillo, through the corner of New Mexico, then into Colorado. We stayed in a hotel in Pueblo, CO & arrived early enough to let the kids swim for a little while, which just made their day!

Monarch Pass Summit
We again got up bright & early, which turned out to be earlier than we had planned since Theo's phone did not change to the new time 3am we got up & were ready to go by 4am. Still worked out fine because the kids & I slept for a while. While driving through the Rocky Mountains we were up on Monarch Pass Summit @ 11000 feet, we saw some snow flurries! Sophie continued to have tummy issues & did throw up once, but we make it. After a while we made it to Utah --Welcome to Utah, Life Elevated! While driving though UT, we hit 100,000 miles on the mini-van. We arrived @ Theo's parents' house early afternoon. Theo's brother Jordan's family were there, so the kids were very excited to have their cousins to play with.

the Nackos kiddos at a rest stop
100,000 miles!

cousin's fort
I walked with the kids to the park. There are 3 parks within walking distance from Theo's sister Lisa's house, which is where we were staying. In the afternoon, Theo & I took the kids to the Payson Pool which has water slides & a lazy river. The kids had a blast.

the cousins playing pool
We spent the week at Aunt Delaine's cabin in the mountains. Almost all of Theo's family was able to come up. There was 4-wheeler riding, shooting, fishing, roasting marshmallows on the bonfire, a talent show, hiking, exploring, boat races, crafts, and bubble blowing,.
kiddos on the ski lift
Sophie in Pigtails
Nackos Family
cousins ~ Isabella & Kalli
dandelion wishes

Nackos kiddos

Kalli looking kool

roasting marshmallows

Kalli won the boat race!

The Talent Show Itenerary

roasting weenies on the back porch
Wednesday & Thursday
The kids had more cousin time @ Grandma & Grandpa's house. Grandpa flooded the yard & filled up the pool so the kids could swim & splash. The kids also put on a puppet show!
cousins swimming @ Grandma & Grandpa's
The Puppeteers
kiddos @ the Bean Museum
Theo & I took the kids to the Bean Museum. You may be thinking, as the kids did, that it was a museum about beans! It is actually the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. We also trekked across the BYU campus to see Grandpa's sculpture "The Tree of Wisdom".
Sophie looking at the birds

check out those animals!

Sophie on a safari

The Tree of Wisdom
Saturday & Sunday
We had a pretty uneventful ride home. We were glad to be home, but we really missed the cooler temps!

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