Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving week 2009

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we went to my Grandma Eaton's for lunch. We had a yummy food & a nice visit. Theo & the kids raked all the leaves into a giant pile for the kiddos to jump in ~ they had a blast!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Tad & Kalli had parties at their school.
Tad had a breakfast feast in his class.

Kalli's class did a harvest play ~ it was so cute! Kalli was a pilgrim! After the play we had a yummy lunch.

On Thanksgiving, we had lunch at my Papa & Big Mama's house. The food was yummy, including Theo's green bean casserole & funeral pototoes, & lots of family came. We took our kids & my cousin's twins Valerie & Victoria for a hike in the pasture & took some fun pictures!


Liz said...

Ok, I've gotta ask.
What are funeral potatoes?

Vicki said...

They are Theo's mom's cheesy potato casserole that she makes frequently for people when their loved one dies. They came up with that name because that is when she would usually make them!